Monday, June 01, 2009

Clean slate

Today is June 1. First working day of a brand new-academic year. Shiny white uniforms, sparkling new shoes, new books, new bags, new friends, new class room, new teachers..

I was nostalgic, when I saw the kids getting into the school-bus.. I could see myself.. School days were so much fun..

It is a fresh start.. All your faults are forgotten.. All your hard-work the prev year is gone.. Its a clean-slate to start all over again.. Its a total system-reset.. I wish I can have that clean-slate now..

But, Wait a minute..

I have.. Everyone has..

Yes!!! Every day is new.. Every minute is fresh.. You get to decide what you do right now..

Ofcourse, Its not a clean slate.. But everyday is a fresh page in the book of life.. and you can do anything.. start a new chapter... sketch a new project.. write a poem.. or anything else...

What are you waiting for?? How about starting that long-due legacy project today??

-- Vinodh