Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Waiting Game.

Why do you love - you ask!

I don't have a clue.
Now, I see the world only in You!

In the Bliss of a child's smile
and the Emerald isle..
Fresh morning dew
and the moonlight blue..
- I see nothing but you!

Its a heavenly view..
in the world - brand new
Fell in love, even before I knew,

I live - only in your dream
floating in the love stream
I cede - 'To love' is the feeling supreme
and there is no extreme.

Rain cant hide in clouds for long,
Even if everything goes wrong,
Our love will only grow strong
My heart is where you rightly belong!!

I know - You feel the same
Then, why is the waiting game?



Naveen said...

Lovely lines there mate! good one..

Unknown said...

the last line is awesome!!
you rock bro :)