Monday, March 09, 2009

Celebrating Women...

Saluting the women in my life...
As a lil-sis,
growing up with her is bliss;
Running around trees
and all the tease..

As a Friend to share
when w're in despair...
She is all ears,
to allay our fears..

Grandma's tales with good moral
not to quarrel..
Dont forget the pampering Aunt,
who got all that you want.

As a Caring wife,
She is the fabric of your life..
the only shoulder,
when you'r growing older.
You'll cry 'n laugh
only with your better half.

'N finally, the miracle
and Life's pinnacle.
Like the divine Mother
there is no other!!

No wonder - Nature is feminine,
for Women are the spine
in every living line!

Women - Be proud!
I sing aloud,
"In you, I see God,
the Genesis of the World"



Kavitha said...

the first stanza was for me :)
THANKS da anna :):D