Tuesday, June 02, 2009

May Madness:Round up

This May it was Total Madness!!! Incredible stuff!!!

Got in touch with the Frisbee freaks and I love playing with them..

The weekends in particular were amazing...

9: The educating farm visit..

16/17 : Had an amazing Coorg trip.. The breath-taking view of the valley in Raja-Seat, Waking up to chirping birds, Walking up in bare-foot in the dew, with hills all round.. listening to my favorite tunes, lying down in the grass with feet in a cold fresh water stream.. WOW!! Totally mystifying..

23: The next weekend was even better.. The awesome-saturday

31: And another Super-Sunday at the Sunfeast 10K run.. Had a gala time.. The day got better.. played Cricket, Soccer, Antakshari.. spent a whole rainy night @ Ananya.. That place still continues to amaze me.

Made an unplanned-emergency landing in Chennai.. That was quite an experience in itself!!!

But I will remember this maniac-May for one singular moment..

That single most important moment was when I visited ISKCON, Bangalore with my folks.. I should tell you that right now I'm convinced that I don't have enough information to believe the existence of generally accepted name/form of God. I have always had doubts with Idol worship and I have a totally different notion of God. The Creator-Annihilator model never impressed me. But still, I would play safe.. What do I stand to lose - to offer my prayers, just in case if he exists.. I didn't dare to make him unhappy..

But on that day, I decided to quit lying. At the same time, I didn't want to create a big fuss with my folks and hence went in to the temple, appreciated the architecture and the beautifully dressed dolls. I participated in poojas 'n all.. I don't have a problem with wearingchandan or kunkum.. I know what they mean to me...

On 17 May 2009, I became truly Agnostic!!! One step close to Congruent-Harmonious living!!!

Let see what this June has in store!!


Balu said...

guess for me God is there to rein in humans .. as we humans are crazy bunch... just to keep us in check...

even i put on kukkum oe veebhodhi.. but thats more a cultural aspect for me....

if my 5 rupee can help a fellow human being than going into a temple hundi.. then i'd rather help my fellow human race..

nice topic that u triggered ...we can talk about this later..

Keep it going bro !