Monday, November 15, 2010

The sweet Sand

Week one:
The best part of my day
is the Good Morning that you say!!

And week two:
So charming are you
as lovely as morning dew.

Week three and four:
life awesome - restore
feel like a sailor seeing
the sweet Sand ashore!

-- Vinodh

p.s. I know.. Not very rhyming and not very deep. But had a great time writing. Life is good indeed!

Photo credits: timgoldsmith

Monday, November 08, 2010

Back in Blore after a super lazy vacationing week at home.

Think about it... Waking up with absolutely nothing in your todo list.. Reading books and Watching TV all day.. with mom taking care of you with filter coffees, soups, juices, cakes and fruits..

The relaxing morning walks and the fresh coconuts...
The lone evening strolls in the sands of Marina and melting cornettos on the way back...
The afternoon naps and evenings with Mr. Bean..

Night shows @ Satyam - Social network and The Town: just awesome!!

Relishing the Diwali delights right off the pan - the halwas, ladoos, athirasams and crispies... Slurrrrp!!! 

And watching Chennai light up with fabulous fireworks on the Diwali nite...

Thats one week.. well spent!!!

Super-charged to fight for the Cubicle nation now.

happy living,

Thursday, November 04, 2010

May this day spread Light and Love in your hearts...
Have an awesome Diwali.. Remember... No crackers!