Sunday, February 22, 2009


Ma, This is for you!!! Love you..


Dear mother,
You get the best of Dad, me and brother.

You redefined love n' care
And there is no compare

You taught us science 'n Math,
And to choose the right path.

You know - when to take the whip,
And not let us silp.

Ma, You are the centre-petal force,
holding us on course.

I learnt from you Mom -
to be calm,
in times of storm.

If there is another birth,
I wish to be born to you on earth,
nothing else is worth.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We run
Not only for Fun!
Our goal is One -
To get the funds Done!

From start to finish
There was only one wish
To gift them their Childhood!
'coz nothing is closer to Godhood.

The trail was a beauty,
The volunteers were fruity!
Yeah - We were moved deeply.

The rising sun and chirping birds
It a sight for the Lords
'n can't be covered in words.

Yes, the run was tiresome
But Auroville was awesome!

On the whole-
With a united goal,
We ran our heart and soul.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is this Love?

We met not - a week ago!
I now sleep not - you know!

Never felt like this, ever before
I am not myself, anymore.

You eye looks brighter than the sun.
Is heaven undone?

Did you glide from the top up-above.
Oh my God... - Is this love?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Trying my hand at tamil poetry... not bad huh?

அவளை பார்த்தேன்;
என்னை மறந்தேன்..
காற்றில் மிதந்தேன்
எதற்கும் துணிந்தேன்..

நிஜமா நிழலா - இது
சரியா தவறா - நான் என்னை இழந்தது

நான் உண்ண மறந்தேன் - உனக்கு உண்மை புரியலையா
நான் உறக்கம் இழக்கிறேன் - உமக்கு இறக்கம் இல்லையா

கண்களை மூடிநீன் - இருட்டில் நீ
பெண்களை பார்கிறேன் - அதிலும் நீ.

Monday, February 09, 2009

7th Feb 2009

Despite a late friday-nite, I got up early for the run. All that head-banging previous nite, made me dizzy. I could not afford to miss this run - this was the last big run b4 the marathon. Munched-on some nuts and dates and got out for a freezing ride. The road-side Chai helped a bit...

It was a usual run.. Tired and hungry - i returned... played a bit of volley-ball and settled down for breakfast.. Then I think, i met someone really spl.. Interacted with kids, played with them, danced after a long time... had a lot of fun - named a cat - "Nayanthara".. and when I came home, I was happy and restless..

Thanks Veronica! You decided to die and helped me live!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

This is the write up in my Asha runner page.. posting it here for the regulars ;)

5:30am. 15C in Blore.
Door: knock knock..
Me: who is it?
Door: Me? Buddybot 1.0
Me: Wait a minute.. I'll change for the Run..
During the run..
Me: Conversation mode… ON.
Buddybot: So, dude how did u start running?
Me: Fitness. To be in shape.
Buddybot: Funny humans. You eat more. Then burn-out the "batteries" calling it fitness.. Watta waste!!!
Me: Hang on! There is more to it. I eat more coz, I enjoy it. But can you?
Buddybot: Why do you hav 2 enjoy? And you complain next day to me that - u hav over eaten!!
Me: I relish the moment. I live. That improves my endurance.
Buddybot: Come on dude.. I can run all day, as long as the Sun is out.
Me: Dumbo.. I can run in the night as well..
Buddybot: During the night, I work more efficiently! My cooling functions can be turned off and I can run whole night until the sun is out the next mrng.
Me: Wait. There is more to it. I meet a lotta ppl in the run. I socialize. I can impress ppl with my fitness.
Buddybot: I socialize too.. I just upated my MySpace page and I can access orkut now, while running. Remember? How we met? In Orkut.
Me: That fate full day..Who would forget.
Buddybot: "You know. Ur strange running habit caught my "eye". That was why, I wanted to know you better. I always wanted to know. Why you run? This chilly morning. With these crazy crazy. I come to know that you humans are not comfortable in this temp.?"
Me: You know what? There is a greater cause?
Buddybot: What? Global warming? That’s TOP on my list of human problems.
Me: No. I run to fundraise for underprevilaged children. You know, how I complain about these traffic jams and stuff. These kids don’t even get proper education, 3 meals a day.
Buddybot: I don’t understand. How is your running going to help these kiddos?
Me: That’s complex. You wouldn’t understand.
Buddybot: I have a AMD Shangai,GPS, 3G powered only by SUN and It doesn’t get any more complex than this? Just explain.
Me: See, I started selfishly just to keep fit and to spend my weekends away from the bed. But when I saw these kids - I decided. To gift them their childhood.
Buddybot: To gift them their childhood????? I don’t understand. "childhood" is not available in ebay or Amazon!
Me: I wish it was only that simple. The sense of satisfaction that you get when they thank you…. Its out of the world.
Buddybot: Beep.. Beep.. Rebooting... You entered the emotional zone 0.1, which is still in beta...
Only we can understand. Only we can help. Lets gift them their childhood. Pls donate.
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