Sunday, June 21, 2009

Reality Grounding...

What do you do, When you have sailed thru' the oceans, conquered the peaks, 'n you think, its all going to be over when you reach the horizon, and.... you see a Great Desert to cross..

Well, I thought I have learnt a lot and have grown tremendously, as person in the last few years.. But, now and then I meet a good-friend, who says, "Vinodh - you are good! but you'd be great - if ...". Sometimes, I'd go into defense and explain myself out. But when a comment comes from a genuine person, I'd take time to contemplate. Today, I met one such person with an interesting input.

Usually, I get confused, go into-a-shell, neglect the world around, take time with myself to reflect on the remark, to introspect and come-out with some action-items... But the problem is that this exercise is very taxing.. It takes too much out of me.

Not sure how long this is gonna take!!!

I'm usually hyper-energetic, and at times I need these "Reality Grounding"!!!

If you think you are perfect, think again!!!