Thursday, May 22, 2008

Take a look at the list...

Over sleep
Do you really have to work hard to do any-of the above stuff??

Now.. how abt this one?

Do you have to pay for any of these??

Lets think of getting any of the following done...

Be fit and healthy
Be confident
Be conscious
Be courageous
Resist temptation

- Eazy huh?

I am tempted to conclude that Nothing worthy is free and anything free is unworthy.

Looks like, the world around is so spoilt that the considered "normalcy" seems to fall way into the negative.
Laziness is acceptable...
Over eating is not bad..
Procastrination is tolerable...
Health consciousness is extremity..
Dieting is "to be made fun of"...

World: Grow up!! Higher consciousness is bliss..

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I wish, i act on all my thoughts..

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I feel pumped-up after talking to this guy. Even after a long dull day, just talking to this guy, energizes me. The reason I think is that, we resonate. We work on wavelengths, which are close and the interference is positive most of the time.

I also feel revitalized, When I talk to confused folks - In trying to make things clear to them, I end up feeling good and feeling stimulated.

So, whenever I feel dull, can I summon this "Energy dosage"??? The first guy maynot be available for the whole day. He has his own stuff todo... and I dont want ppl to feel sad and confused just coz I want to feel better.

Is there a way, by which I can call-up an "Energy Dose" out of myself.. depending on no external source??

I feel great peace, when I read books of my interest. But should I carry the books along and depend on them for my mental state???

I just know, that there is a way and I will find it... Should it be emotional or intellectual??? Which one is sustainable?? Should I really care for susteneance - if I can summon it anytime out of myself?