Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oh well..

My summer is going well. Hope things are fine with you guys too.

Its been a busy summer so far

  • A math course to dig out the forgotten probability theory
  • Auditing a Neuroscience/Psychology course on  Cognitive development. Fascinating.
  • Teaching Assistant for a basic prog course. My students adore me, obviously.
  • Swimming - fish in the see, I know how you feel....
  • Salsa dancing - Never knew dancing could be fun. I'm getting pretty good at it too.
  • Biking - started biking to school
  • Research is going well too. Started a Fun project to generate puns/jokes automatically. Will kill you guys with my auto PJs sometime.
And a some other things which I'm not particularly proud of.

Now, coming back to the title,
There are days when I struggle.. in such pressure.. when I need some support, some pillar to lean on. Times when I long for a good friend, to share and discuss.

I had such a bad week a while ago and was really looking for a break...

And then, on a friday, I got an email from a friend, inviting me to a AOL satsang for Guru Poornima.
Like any other invitation, I didn't RSVP.

Then, later in the same afternoon I landed on a random webpage, with a PDF - DiaryofaDisciple, an everyday journal of a disciple of Swami Vivekananda. It was a eazy, light, happy read and he went on and on about how a Guru knows his followers and gives them what they want. He says, one needn't even ask. Just wanting is enough!

Then, it struck. I realized the Calling!!!

I had to change plans for the evening and made sure I was there. Helpful friends gave me a ride to the place far far away. And well.... I got my questions answered. (kinda)

I have this knack of meeting some really amazing people in the most unusual circumstances. The good evening, turned greater awesome when a gentleman, offered a ride home. Ah, the simple things that we discussed in the car.. well, some things are better left unsaid.

Life has its own way of sorting things out!!