Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Best Gift ever??

How about a poem for a Bday gift... Enjoy!!!

Happy B'day!!

Hey, your own fluent-self,
You are 'the Awesomeness' off-the-shelf.
We love you for what you are
Thanks for being the guiding-star.

Happy B'day dear,
Wishing you a rocking year..
A year of color 'n cheer,
and happiness-sheer

With your rare-natural grace
and the ever-smiling blissful face,
I'm sure You'll ace
life's every race!!!



Balu said...

yenappa ?


Awesomenoness = AIsomeness ?

pooriliye ?

Shyam Prasad said...

Truly voices from within.......who's the lucky girl??

Rajesh said...

yarda athu.. turning you into a full time poet? :D

Siddharth said...

Also, let us know for whom you penned this.

Mahesh said...

Wow!! Eppadi da... Amazing lines...

:%s/We/I/g ?? Subtle proposal..
Did she understand?? What's the response??