Monday, March 30, 2009

At times you may fall -
from a tower, very tall,
Your back against the wall,
And when its not your call,
You just want life to - uninstall!!!

When times are tough,
'n the ride is rough,
You think – U’ve had enough!!

When everything is dried up
‘n you are tied up
You feel like giving-up.

When you just can’t cope,
You lose all hope!

But remember,
the hour darkest
'n times blackest
are right before dawn!!

When you fall,
get up and Fight ..
When you fail, try again
harder this time!

You may badly bleed,
Take a break, if you need.
But - don't ever concede!!
In the end, you'll succeed.

Life is such a wonderful gift!!
Why would anyone ever quit?


Inspiration: When I was looking for hope 'n pep-up online, I stumbled on this guy.. Great video here video of Nick Vujicic.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Your glorious eyes,
in the orange face,
with silken voice
and the innocent look!!!

When you caught me staring un-guilt,
that Smiling look with the head tilt,
You're my angel - my heart felt..

The glance from the corner of your eye
Sent me flying all-high!!!

Chocolate - I'd never ask a bite,
and seldom do others take it right!!
And, when I asked - craving,
you halved it without saving

At first sight -
My eyes popped,
My jaws dropped,
My pulse raced,
I was jolt -
with your thunderbolt!!

And These are the reasons - Unreal!!
The actual, reason - Now I reveal...
I love you -
Coz, I love you!!!

Love cant be reasoned,
You just fall unseasoned!!!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Game Over!!

'Love' - Is it a cruel game i asked?
where both the players lost.
Is it a monster stupid -
from the evil project Cupid?

'No' I heard - Its an elite feeling,
that gets the world healing.
Love that is selfless -
is not stress but bliss!

Honey, I respect your decision
'n wll honor it with precision.
Thy happiness is the mission -
'n your smile is my vision

In my magical world, I'll wait
And leave the rest to the fate.

My love forever'll be shining...
Its just the Beginning.

[Updated on 15 Mar '09]
Love is not a game to be played,
neither a ritual for hearts - exchanged,
Its a ocean of pure bliss,
where life drinks to live.

Love - you don't Give or Take
You love for love's sake.


This is the last post in the "Thunderbolt.." poem series. Thanks to those who inspired this series.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Saluting the women in my life...
As a lil-sis,
growing up with her is bliss;
Running around trees
and all the tease..

As a Friend to share
when w're in despair...
She is all ears,
to allay our fears..

Grandma's tales with good moral
not to quarrel..
Dont forget the pampering Aunt,
who got all that you want.

As a Caring wife,
She is the fabric of your life..
the only shoulder,
when you'r growing older.
You'll cry 'n laugh
only with your better half.

'N finally, the miracle
and Life's pinnacle.
Like the divine Mother
there is no other!!

No wonder - Nature is feminine,
for Women are the spine
in every living line!

Women - Be proud!
I sing aloud,
"In you, I see God,
the Genesis of the World"


Saturday, March 07, 2009

This lad 's not bad,
thou' he z driving me mad,

I was a happy-go-lucky girl,
as simple as white pearl-
'n with(out) him, I'm in a twirl

Tell me how,
to decide now?

This decision is my prime.
'n I need more time


Friday, March 06, 2009

All I ask is...

I can't take it anymore
My brain is Sore -
thinking about you to the core..

All day long, I'm alone
waiting for your phone,
I wish u had known
that You are my own!!!

My time flies -
with crying eyes,
I know this isn't wise,
Neither can I fool myself in disguise..

Its it worth it, I ask
Should my feelings wear a mask -
'n burried in a flask?

All I ask is a Chance -
Give me a second glance!

I still don't know Baby,
I love you - maybe..


Thursday, March 05, 2009

Dont worry baby,
I'll be OK - maybe

liked you 'n told u so
Still, unsure why you said 'No'
Yeah, Its hard to let go!

Tough times ahead!!
'Yes' - If you had said,
I wud hav spoke to ur parents instead!

Even if we aren't an amazing twosome-
I'll still be awesome!


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Kid's query

I was wondering, what would a kid think reading about the terrorism in papers..
and this flew out...


Papa, Is it safe out there?
I wouldn't dare to go anywhere.

Why is there a big divide?
Shdn't we stand side by side?
Everyone is hiding worldwide?

Isn't it wrong - to kill?
How do they get the will?
Or is it just the thrill?

Whats the govt doing -
while these bad guys are growing?

Tell me dad.
Why are these guys bad?
Its driving me mad.

Son - my Dear,
why is the fear?
the end is near!!!

While our politicians yawn,
The time has spawn
for a war to be drawn
in search of the dawn!

You are a knight..
Stand-up and fight
for the right
Now, its Black or White