Thursday, March 27, 2008

I feel pumped-up after talking to this guy. Even after a long dull day, just talking to this guy, energizes me. The reason I think is that, we resonate. We work on wavelengths, which are close and the interference is positive most of the time.

I also feel revitalized, When I talk to confused folks - In trying to make things clear to them, I end up feeling good and feeling stimulated.

So, whenever I feel dull, can I summon this "Energy dosage"??? The first guy maynot be available for the whole day. He has his own stuff todo... and I dont want ppl to feel sad and confused just coz I want to feel better.

Is there a way, by which I can call-up an "Energy Dose" out of myself.. depending on no external source??

I feel great peace, when I read books of my interest. But should I carry the books along and depend on them for my mental state???

I just know, that there is a way and I will find it... Should it be emotional or intellectual??? Which one is sustainable?? Should I really care for susteneance - if I can summon it anytime out of myself?