Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Good lie - Bad lie..

Let me tell you the secret-truth - hush!!!!
I am a Liar!
Yes, I’m a Liar, a Big Liar... And I’m not ashamed of it.
I know that Lying is regarded - a very bad-habit.. Actually much worse.. lying is considered adharma.
"திருடாதே , பொய்சொல்லாதே , பிச்சைஎடுக்கதே" - three things my dad always advised. It is supposed to be that Important.. the Truth.
[Translates to.. “Don’t steal, Don’t lie, Don’t beg”]
True, that Valluvar argues that, lying can be good as long as…link [291, Vaaimai]
But lets not talk about that… this is not what is worrying me right now..

Now, Why do we lie??
Sometimes, we lie to simplify the situation..(or to avoid further unnecessary questions)
Sometimes, we lie for their own protection.. (The case of kids when they ask about God/terrorism/evolution/sex..)
[Let’s ignore folks who lie for our own selfish good.. Yeah.. I have seen these guys too]
And Yes, I lie for these reasons...and as long as I know what I do, I don’t have any guilt..

But, there are times, I feel guilty..
Sometimes I lie to…….. Myself.
Yes, I lie to me..
I fool myself for my own comfort..
I dupe myself to believe a fake-reality..
Whenever, Its time to ask tough questions,
or when the answers are unknown
or worse - when the answers are bitter or tough to digest,
I deceive myself.... with something like “Time will answer”… “I’ll know when I’m supposed to know”… “That’s not important”… “I don’t have time for that right now”… “It’ll all be OK in the end”
I have always sought comfort under the blanket of my own lies.
Now, that I have realized the problem of bad-lie, I’m trying consciously not to fool myself anymore.
The going hasn't been easy..When I try to face the raw truth, sometimes I get overwhelmed, I get low, I get dispirited... but, once I get over this and succeed, I'll be a huge leap closer to true-congruent living. Lets see how long I take to reach there!

Have you Quit lying to yourself? Let me know how!
Drop a line at vinbot [at] gmail [dot] com.
Until next time, Quit lying!!!


Balu said...

the oxymoron, true lies !