Friday, February 09, 2007

Back to School!!!

On a cold Monday morning, after a tiring jog, I saw two kids waiting for their school bus to arrive. That just hit the slice of a hidden neuron with my childhood memories. Holding hands with my kid brother(who btw is taller than me now), standing in the bus stop waiting for the school bus, discussing various things from Cricket, WWF to the approaching exams. Fighting for the window seat taught me about 'the survival of the fittest'. Standing in the prayer hall in ascending order of height with one arm distance, one could hear the endless murmurs and the rumours about the holidays. "Repeat the prayer along with the prayer and not after the prayer" - Those golden words from our principal everyday.

Running in to the class just to find that the most boring teacher has borrowed the first hour to leverage on our early morning energy. As he ran from Phis to Xetas, we would be out cold even before the forenoon interval. Rushing through the crowd in the canteen to have a taste of that "1 Re Fruit Bar" - Gulping it down in a hurry and just in time for the next hour. Language is the most sought after class in the day. The musical French that the she would speak was a treat, until the Lunch bell when the real treat begins.

Those Fried Idlis with Podi made a great combination. I used to make new friends just because of my moms lovely food. All of a sudden, all our shoes are out; Our socks become balls, bags turn out to be stumps, and exam pads as bats. We rock the class room with Cricket and have the time of our lives - everyday.....