Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Best Gift ever??

How about a poem for a Bday gift... Enjoy!!!

Happy B'day!!

Hey, your own fluent-self,
You are 'the Awesomeness' off-the-shelf.
We love you for what you are
Thanks for being the guiding-star.

Happy B'day dear,
Wishing you a rocking year..
A year of color 'n cheer,
and happiness-sheer

With your rare-natural grace
and the ever-smiling blissful face,
I'm sure You'll ace
life's every race!!!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

What do you do, When you have sailed thru' the oceans, conquered the peaks, 'n you think, its all going to be over when you reach the horizon, and.... you see a Great Desert to cross..

Well, I thought I have learnt a lot and have grown tremendously, as person in the last few years.. But, now and then I meet a good-friend, who says, "Vinodh - you are good! but you'd be great - if ...". Sometimes, I'd go into defense and explain myself out. But when a comment comes from a genuine person, I'd take time to contemplate. Today, I met one such person with an interesting input.

Usually, I get confused, go into-a-shell, neglect the world around, take time with myself to reflect on the remark, to introspect and come-out with some action-items... But the problem is that this exercise is very taxing.. It takes too much out of me.

Not sure how long this is gonna take!!!

I'm usually hyper-energetic, and at times I need these "Reality Grounding"!!!

If you think you are perfect, think again!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

This day marks the end of 4 years in Bangalore. It doesn't seem that long ago,when I almost cried, as my folks left me in a appt. I was going to live out of home for the first time.

The transformation from a Selfish-confused-Ignorant-Fearful-naive-spoilt Grad to 'what-I-am-now' has been phenomenal. These 4 years easily are the best years of my life..[Ofcourse, I had great schooling and college life.. But this is something extraordinary]

As I look back....

Friends: I have never had trouble finding good friends. But here, I got to interact with great people. Living with him was an education in itself. I've found some wonderful folks online too (Steve, Chris, PaulGraham, SethGodin..).. I get to interact with some stirring, folks in ASHA. Inspiration was always - just around the corner...

Spiritual: Exponential growth here.. In search of the answers, I tried different philosophies. [ISKCON, Sri Ramana, Ramakrishna Mission, Vedanta, Bhuddhism..]. I've travelled to ashrams 'n temples.. met some great people with interesting tales... I have had my own share of "Extraordinary-experiences".. Right now, I need more than just books 'n words. I'm an agnostic, [open to be proved wrong.]

Art: Didn't know I had so much in me.. I have tried my hand at Guitar, pencil-sketching and Tin-Whistling. Enjoyed everything thoroughly. Now, I practice Karate.. I'm writing poems..

Health: I'm fitter than I ever was.. I plan to run two marathons this season.

I've had my own "Thunderbolt" moment.

I have read some amazing books. "Veronica decides to die" is my favorite... My reading queue just keeps growing.. (over 25 books now suggested by various folks).

Of course, the ride hasn't been smooth. I have seen ups and downs.. I have touched down the lowest of lows.. I have recovered from greatest of set-backs. I take credit for hanging in there.. I have taken some tuf decisions. I have grown to let go of things [habits/things/people] which have pulled me back in the past.

But.. the Single most important - the defining thing that stands out in this 4 yr period is my perspective of the world. Around late 2006, was when I discovered "the Void within".. I had good blokes, great frnz, earned a good sum, had everything I wanted. But, still something was missing. I wasn't complete. I started reading philosophies searching for the meaning of life and stuff. I cannot say I totally failed in the mission. It took me somewhere.. But still, lot of things were left unanswered. The craving only got worse..

Then, I was introduced to Asha and started working with kids.. It didn't directly answer my questions. But got introduced to a bigger set to challenges and lets see what I do..

Oh...Yeah.. Life is good... and the best is yet to come!

Friday, June 05, 2009

How about serving food at the counter all day?? It sure sounds a boring job..
But, I was amazed to see how this guy made a difference..
He radiates hope, love and happiness!!!

This guy works in the restaurant chain - Adyar Anandha Bhavan (A2B), CMH road, Bangalore.

The rain had just stopped and after a long day, I stopped by to have a snack and cuppa coffee.. and This is what I got..

Coffee with Love

Wow!!! I don't know if he consciously does it to make others happy or its just the way he is.. No matter.. Everyone was leaving the counter smiling..

I asked for a pic with him.. He smiles off and says.. "No sir.. The queue is long.."

Serving Smiles...

These little things go a long way.. If not for this guy, I wud have just ate and slept... Now, I practiced my Tin-whistle(video post coming-up).. cleaned my room.. I added a pic-slide-show to the site.. (More about it tomorrow.).. gonna read the book i'm gifting someone dear and I'm writing this post..

Thanks mate!! You are changing the world in your own way, with one smile at a time!!

Keep Rocking!!

Now, when I have a bad day, I know where to go!! :)

That was a head-on-dive deep, in to Awesomeness.. a Rocking weekend ahead!!!


Tuesday, June 02, 2009

This May it was Total Madness!!! Incredible stuff!!!

Got in touch with the Frisbee freaks and I love playing with them..

The weekends in particular were amazing...

9: The educating farm visit..

16/17 : Had an amazing Coorg trip.. The breath-taking view of the valley in Raja-Seat, Waking up to chirping birds, Walking up in bare-foot in the dew, with hills all round.. listening to my favorite tunes, lying down in the grass with feet in a cold fresh water stream.. WOW!! Totally mystifying..

23: The next weekend was even better.. The awesome-saturday

31: And another Super-Sunday at the Sunfeast 10K run.. Had a gala time.. The day got better.. played Cricket, Soccer, Antakshari.. spent a whole rainy night @ Ananya.. That place still continues to amaze me.

Made an unplanned-emergency landing in Chennai.. That was quite an experience in itself!!!

But I will remember this maniac-May for one singular moment..

That single most important moment was when I visited ISKCON, Bangalore with my folks.. I should tell you that right now I'm convinced that I don't have enough information to believe the existence of generally accepted name/form of God. I have always had doubts with Idol worship and I have a totally different notion of God. The Creator-Annihilator model never impressed me. But still, I would play safe.. What do I stand to lose - to offer my prayers, just in case if he exists.. I didn't dare to make him unhappy..

But on that day, I decided to quit lying. At the same time, I didn't want to create a big fuss with my folks and hence went in to the temple, appreciated the architecture and the beautifully dressed dolls. I participated in poojas 'n all.. I don't have a problem with wearingchandan or kunkum.. I know what they mean to me...

On 17 May 2009, I became truly Agnostic!!! One step close to Congruent-Harmonious living!!!

Let see what this June has in store!!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Clean slate

Today is June 1. First working day of a brand new-academic year. Shiny white uniforms, sparkling new shoes, new books, new bags, new friends, new class room, new teachers..

I was nostalgic, when I saw the kids getting into the school-bus.. I could see myself.. School days were so much fun..

It is a fresh start.. All your faults are forgotten.. All your hard-work the prev year is gone.. Its a clean-slate to start all over again.. Its a total system-reset.. I wish I can have that clean-slate now..

But, Wait a minute..

I have.. Everyone has..

Yes!!! Every day is new.. Every minute is fresh.. You get to decide what you do right now..

Ofcourse, Its not a clean slate.. But everyday is a fresh page in the book of life.. and you can do anything.. start a new chapter... sketch a new project.. write a poem.. or anything else...

What are you waiting for?? How about starting that long-due legacy project today??

-- Vinodh