Saturday, May 09, 2009

So Vinodh, Which college are you in?
WOWWWW!!! Perfect 'cherry topping' to an amazing day!!

The day started with me acting as 'Assistant-sub-coach' to run with the Ananya kids. Practiced karate after a good long run.. Hmm.. Someday I'll blow that candle with a punch!!!

It was very kind of Sensei invite me to her farm 'n I yes'd in. Met a few bike enthusiasts. Biking looks interesting.. Its kinda less tiring than running, you get to ride longer and promises to be as fun.. That'd take me a step closer to a triathlon.

The farm was huge. Lotsa trees.. loved those mangoes.. broke a mango with a Shuto-Uchi..well, almost :) .. Had an amazing time under the trees..

The 'Icing on the cake' was while walking back to the car.. This new friend asked me,
"So, Vinodh, which college are you in?"
Well, being the narcissist that I am, I know I workout hard to get fitter and be in shape.. And still, Wow!!! I was flattered!!

Sealed off the day with gr8 Konkani food @ Kanua..



Balu said...

actually Sensei and I are planning a cycling target to Mysore in next 2 months time.. she might support us with a SAG car :-)

SAG = comes from the word Sagging !