Saturday, May 23, 2009

Awesome Saturday!!

Sunrise  Albion Road Painting  - Sunrise  Albion Road Fine Art PrintWell.. Saturdays don't get any better than this..

Woke up @ 5 am.. The day started with a Chilly ride to Ananya. I love these long-morning rides. The Orange Sunrise in Airport road is an incentive to get up early on a Saturday Mrng.. The roadside Chai seems to get better every week.

It was a tapering run just before the next-week's race. The weather was perfect for a great destressing run.. Played a bit of Ultimate-frisbee next.. Only 2-3 players each side, a small play area.. but it was great fun..

Ananya is a Magical place, and has so much to offer.. Today, It taught us farming. George was so enthusiastic to share with us the process/techniques. [Start->Programs->MicroSoft Farming??? - No] We ploughed the field, planted the Ginger/Bean sprouts, manured and watered them. This is the closest, I'll ever get to real-working for a while. Totally fulfilling experience. [I'm sure Sucksman will have something to say here..]

Asha Farming Sangha: Sriram (Senior scientist), Me, (The real farmer), Narmada (Officer on Spl.duty), Manjula (Senior Vice President), Banna (Apprentice), Sucksman Balu(PR)

It was only 9 am, and I was already having so much fun..

Shivamma's kitchen beckoned us. Idlies floating in Sambhar and hot masala tea.. Wow.. We discussed various things over breakfast. The group is getting crazier by the day. We'll take over Bangalore one day.
Tidbits: I'm the popular choice for the next Sempai (First student in Karate Dojo)..
Apparently, I am always "on a high" and I can be drugged even without drugs.

We parted our ways by 10... Some cycled back.. I rode back.. Some others decided to walk back..

On the way back, I stopped at the usual cane-juice place.. Every week I see the HAL Aerospace museum across wanted to visit one day.. And Today was the day..

The Museum had a lot of interesting exhibits.. I got to see our own MiG-21's, Jaguars, Light Combat Aircrafts. But no Sukhois or F16s..

A train of enthu-school kids were gazing at the exhibits in astonishment.. Wow.. Kids and their fascinating questions.. I couldn't answer them all but did learn from them. I wonder if I still have the curiosity to know about new things..

Headed back home around noon. Showered and napped.. The whole day, I was unplugged from the Web - thanks to the power cut. Spent the afternoon with Atlas Shrugged.

Outlined and developed a short-story.. I do a lot of writing these days and I love it.. Should organize a bit more and channelize the energy..

Went out for the usual Saturday-evening stroll. The sight of kids playing is blissful.. I sometimes play with them - until their parents comeback.. [Whats the deal with them? Y wont they let the kids play with me??]

Calvin & Hobbes and Sweet-corn - Great combination for a wonderful Saturday evening.

8 pm and its time for IPL-semi finals: Bangalore Vs Chennai. 3 hrs of solid entertainment and Bangalore has just won as I write this..

And.. thats an Awesome Saturday..

Hello Super Sunday... What do you have in store??


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