Friday, May 01, 2009

Heard of this story??

A man is walking along a beach where thousands of starfish have been washed onto the sand. He sees another man, scooping and bending, then hurling something out to sea again and again. When he catches up, he sees that the man is throwing marooned starfish into the water.

“There are too many to save,” said the first man. “What you’re doing is meaningless.”

The second man flings another starfish into the water, looks at the first man, and smiles. “It certainly meant a great deal to that one.”

There are times when we wonder if its worth it. I tell myself - "Every little drop counts"

Of late, I have been spending time with 2-3 kids@ Ananya, helping them with their exams. A few folks asked me, if its worth it - The 2*20km ride on a well earned Saturday! When I answered that, I am trying to give something back to the system, he prompted that, the problem is not isolated. The whole education system needs a complete make-over and what I am doing is Insignificant.

Yes! What I'm doing may not change-the-world overnight... But It does mean a lot to these kids. More over I get to know some great folks there, who seek answers to the same questions. This networking will certainly help me in the long run to challenge authority and change the world.

More importantly, this helps me find a way to fill 'The Void' within!