Sunday, February 22, 2009


Ma, This is for you!!! Love you..


Dear mother,
You get the best of Dad, me and brother.

You redefined love n' care
And there is no compare

You taught us science 'n Math,
And to choose the right path.

You know - when to take the whip,
And not let us silp.

Ma, You are the centre-petal force,
holding us on course.

I learnt from you Mom -
to be calm,
in times of storm.

If there is another birth,
I wish to be born to you on earth,
nothing else is worth.



Siddharth said...

Never thought you will become such a prolific poet da....keep up the gud work...I njoy reading ur posts

kiruba said...

Nice poem. I enjoyed it very much. A tribute to your mother ofcourse !!

Prabu said...

can't comment on the ultimate love for ur mother. but, let me tell u ur rhyming sense is very nice. definitely a good poet is inside u. keep it up

priya said...

seriously this poem s very meningful ...

Kavitha said...

the best gift a son can give!
mami has got the best gift, and guess what its YOU!

soulja said...

such a high calling ...motherhood! I guess no other job has such lasting impact and significance! this poem is a nice reminder... and your mom must be so proud of you.