Monday, February 09, 2009

7th Feb 2009

Despite a late friday-nite, I got up early for the run. All that head-banging previous nite, made me dizzy. I could not afford to miss this run - this was the last big run b4 the marathon. Munched-on some nuts and dates and got out for a freezing ride. The road-side Chai helped a bit...

It was a usual run.. Tired and hungry - i returned... played a bit of volley-ball and settled down for breakfast.. Then I think, i met someone really spl.. Interacted with kids, played with them, danced after a long time... had a lot of fun - named a cat - "Nayanthara".. and when I came home, I was happy and restless..

Thanks Veronica! You decided to die and helped me live!