Friday, March 26, 2010

Week Wretched!!

What a wretched week!!

Monday: Back to Bangalore - find my keys missing. Had to stay in friend's place for two days.
- No Bike, no laptop, no books, no iPod;
I could have shopped, but then, I decided to "experience" it - same clothes and smelly socks!! - aaah!

When I finally reached work late - the weekend simulations had crashed!

Wednesday: Email from Income Tax Dept about the non-receipt of my ITR-V. Called my C.A. He says, "We could have missed it. Can you re-sign and post it yourselves?" - WTH!

Thursday: A legal notice from a lawyer about non-payment of a broadband fee - for the service, which I had terminated looong time ago! 30 min with the dumb customer-care girl to explain their messup.

Friday: The week spills over. Who likes cubicle weekends.

Huh! When it rains, it pours!
lets see what the weekend has in store!



Vidhya said...

Legal Notice- Life seems to be a lot active on your side.

Balu said...

they send legal notice even if all is settled and the amount in some 10 bucks as well.. dumb (Airtel?) folks...