Tuesday, March 16, 2010

These are very, very different things and I don't know why do I confuse them?
I'm unsure of what the cause of my recent actions/decisions are.

Is it an act of Love or.. Fear of not doing it??
Or - is the fear of the possible Guilt of consequences of not doing it.
gets worse, when Gratitude joins the list.

At a deeper level, I kinda know the answer. But I pretend, that everything is fine. Things are under control.
I shield myself with lies - knowing that the truth'll cut-in even deeper.

A while back, I started asking myself this question : "Why do I do, what I do??"

If, the answer is something other than, "I want to do!", I think again.

"Need to do " - "supposed to do" - "meant to do" - "expected to do" : I'm sorry!!

Sometimes, I come up with weird answers like "That's the right thing to do." - I'm not sure how to deal with this yet!

I'm amazed at the number of things that I did, with out fully understanding Why!
I thought, I was living consciously until...

Now, what do you do when the most important folks ask for the most important things?

Its certainly not having-the-cake-and-eating types. Its not even a cake. Not the same cake, atleast!

Its like having to make a choice, without wanting to. And worse, a choice with all these varied emotions mixed up.

Will this Maniac March clear up things?



Vidhya said...

Nothing obligatory. Not to fear.