Sunday, November 08, 2009

Tumkur takeoff

I love these chilly-winter morning rides... the morning drizzle was an extra topping.. Reached the station to catch an early train out to Tumkur. The trip was to support a Awareness-walk by an org for Special children and Early Intervention. It was a beautiful train journey in the misty morning.

The walk was flagged off by a big-shot and there was some press coverage. Our pics cud have been flashed in the local newspaper(Tumkur Times??? anyone????). It was a short walk and the weather was perfect. We gave out fliers with more info on the effort. The Tumkur-folks were unspoilt and very receptive. They respected the walk, took time to read the fliers. The walk ended with a informative presentation.

The return journey was even more fun. We had decided to travel un-reserved and got open-tickets.. And offcourse, the train was late by 40 min.. We went out to kill time... had cocunuts, saw a 'Super-speciality hospital' (with only a 2-foot entrance), lonely theatre, poori-rice walas..

For a small town, lot of things were happening at the station. A funny man on the mike.. testing it for along time... A huge crowd had gathered, to witness the change in the train-timings.. When the train arrived, we hopped on a random coach.

We were chatting Non-stop.. discussed various things from expensive-indian-weddings to piracy to best-biriyanis to ... a mini movie of Santhosh's 24 hr run.. We even planned a Con-job to loot a ...Shushh!!!

Reached Bangalore by 2:20 and another train had reached the platform at the exact time.. Two-train-full-peapuls trying to climb a narrow-stairway was quite a sight. No prize for guessing shiny-head :)

Lunched at a place closeby, sealed a super-day with icecreams..

(More pics - coming soon)


Vidhya said...

sounds like a good palette.