Thursday, October 01, 2009

Today, when I was riding back home in a drizzle, two kids asked for a ride to Indra Nagar and I picked them up. As the drizzle got heavier, I stopped... Caught up a sweet-chat over a cup of hot-chai and got to know them.. Grade 6, Eng medium, they like Math and Geography.

When I asked them abt what they wanna become, they answered in unison - "IT - Software Engineer"!!! I asked them who told them: Parents? Teachers?

"No anna.. I know.. I want that tag around my neck, have camera-phones, ride bikes/cars, work in AC, eat in big hotels, have credit cards, Laptops.. travel in aeroplanes ...""

OMG!!! This sure looks sexy from outside!!


Balu said...

a profession that everybody in colleges would want to do and everybody in this field don't want to do.

Vidhya said...

Oh!Man,Whatta realisation.