Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Kid's query

I was wondering, what would a kid think reading about the terrorism in papers..
and this flew out...


Papa, Is it safe out there?
I wouldn't dare to go anywhere.

Why is there a big divide?
Shdn't we stand side by side?
Everyone is hiding worldwide?

Isn't it wrong - to kill?
How do they get the will?
Or is it just the thrill?

Whats the govt doing -
while these bad guys are growing?

Tell me dad.
Why are these guys bad?
Its driving me mad.

Son - my Dear,
why is the fear?
the end is near!!!

While our politicians yawn,
The time has spawn
for a war to be drawn
in search of the dawn!

You are a knight..
Stand-up and fight
for the right
Now, its Black or White



Karthik said...

Really amazing Vinodh. Is this what they call as "Simply Superb"? Simple, yet superb. All of us are almost in the same state as the kid - not knowing why all this is happening around us, but very sure that we should somehow end this.
Hats off to you once more coz you provoked some thoughts in me and they took the form of these words,

"We, the youth will take the stand,
To save the people of this land.
When all this war will one day cease,
The world will feel the warmth of peace."

Kavitha said...

vara vara ne over think panra... edhallem nalladhu illa

but still its fabulous :)