Thursday, March 12, 2009

Game Over!!

'Love' - Is it a cruel game i asked?
where both the players lost.
Is it a monster stupid -
from the evil project Cupid?

'No' I heard - Its an elite feeling,
that gets the world healing.
Love that is selfless -
is not stress but bliss!

Honey, I respect your decision
'n wll honor it with precision.
Thy happiness is the mission -
'n your smile is my vision

In my magical world, I'll wait
And leave the rest to the fate.

My love forever'll be shining...
Its just the Beginning.

[Updated on 15 Mar '09]
Love is not a game to be played,
neither a ritual for hearts - exchanged,
Its a ocean of pure bliss,
where life drinks to live.

Love - you don't Give or Take
You love for love's sake.


This is the last post in the "Thunderbolt.." poem series. Thanks to those who inspired this series.


Naveen said...

matrashparshas tu kaunteya
agampayino anityas
tams titikshashva bharata...

malaika said...

I cant believe that you wrote this ..But I must say its really good ! You are creative but kya hua tumhe