Monday, March 30, 2009

Ever feel like giving up?

At times you may fall -
from a tower, very tall,
Your back against the wall,
And when its not your call,
You just want life to - uninstall!!!

When times are tough,
'n the ride is rough,
You think – U’ve had enough!!

When everything is dried up
‘n you are tied up
You feel like giving-up.

When you just can’t cope,
You lose all hope!

But remember,
the hour darkest
'n times blackest
are right before dawn!!

When you fall,
get up and Fight ..
When you fail, try again
harder this time!

You may badly bleed,
Take a break, if you need.
But - don't ever concede!!
In the end, you'll succeed.

Life is such a wonderful gift!!
Why would anyone ever quit?


Inspiration: When I was looking for hope 'n pep-up online, I stumbled on this guy.. Great video here video of Nick Vujicic.


Vinodh said...

Feel free to drop in a line..

Naveen said...

inspiring lines!

DJ said...

Man... what happened to you:? Nice poem though... Never seen this side of yours :D .. We should meet sometime!!

Vijay said...

Good one.
I saw that video before and it brought me to tears.

enkay said...

Never knew u write poems !

They are really good :)

Gayatri said...

Hey, you write very well !!

Kavitha said...

a poem that is totally opposite compared to ur creation "ENOUGH"
This is very inspiring indeed...
you could have read this when you were emotionally upset rather then writing the poem "ENOUGH":)