Monday, March 23, 2009

And thats why I love You...

Your glorious eyes,
in the orange face,
with silken voice
and the innocent look!!!

When you caught me staring un-guilt,
that Smiling look with the head tilt,
You're my angel - my heart felt..

The glance from the corner of your eye
Sent me flying all-high!!!

Chocolate - I'd never ask a bite,
and seldom do others take it right!!
And, when I asked - craving,
you halved it without saving

At first sight -
My eyes popped,
My jaws dropped,
My pulse raced,
I was jolt -
with your thunderbolt!!

And These are the reasons - Unreal!!
The actual, reason - Now I reveal...
I love you -
Coz, I love you!!!

Love cant be reasoned,
You just fall unseasoned!!!



Siddharth said...

Seems u have become a professional writer/poet. Truly amazed....

Kavitha said...

its really ur best one. but who is that lucky girl??

Sollidu pls :D

Arun said...

Excellent one... That too the twist at the end. Rocks!