Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hello again.

Oh well,

Long time indeed. How are you all doing?

From my end...
The crazy semester finally ended. Getting back to academia after 5 long years was not as eazy as I thought.  The Industry had 'spoilt' me. But, I shouldn't complain. I had my share of fun in Bangalore. I should have expected this and made room for the initial ramp-up. Once I got into the groove, things started rolling. At the end, things got better and sem went Ok. And one of my papers got accepted to an IEEE conf (this will be my 2nd pub).

The good news is - there is a big tamil gang in UT and the bad news is most of them are like 4 yrs younger. It took a while to stop them from calling me - 'vaanga-ponga'. But still fun gang.

Summer break now. No big plans. Will be on campus doing stuff and taking a minor course in psychology.

And btw, I've registered for Art of Living course this week and looking forward to it.. all excited.

as always, be your super-self