Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Hello folks,

We all know that vinbot has been very busy the last few months.. What has he been doing???

Here is the big secret. Most of the regulars should know already. But for the secretly following lot...

Finally, I've decided to jump back in to Academia!!! I've been pondering over it for a looong time.. and now, I think is just the right time.

This January, I'm off to UT Austin to pursue Masters and eventually a PhD.

Let me tell you, Its a tiring process - GRE, Toefl, writing-rewriting SOP, apping to different univs, mailing profs, waiting for admits, prepping financial docs, I20 and the insane VISA process... aaaahh!

I plan to be in Bangalore till Dec 23. I'll be flying out on Jan 1 from Chennai.

All excited, and a bit scared too!!