Tuesday, February 09, 2010


This life is short,
the vanities of the world are transient..
says Vivekananda.

How very true..

We have all been slaves to the past,
either basking in the glory of the bygone days,
or dwelling painfully in the past hurts.

Either way you missout in the present.

Well, in this short journey, why would anyone wanna carry the extra e-baggage.

De-clutter your life.
Shed your skin; There is lot more in life to fill your wardrobe.
Go shopping!



Balu said...

where are other contents ?

Vidhya said...

Looks like you made it spacious. But why did you empty it? You are the author.

Vinodh said...

Hah! Thats precisely what this post is about.
Heard of the Creation haunting the Creator?