Thursday, December 24, 2009


Freeee finally!!!

I've been wanting to take a month break for a while and I settled for what I could possibly get.

10 days off!!

I don't have to set my alarms at chip-timing runs.. No cross-talk nightmares... No verilog talking .. No nothing..

I'll be with myself in totality.

Now is the time to do all the 'nothing' I always wanted to do.

Plan to visit a few places before heading home for New Year.

Happy holidays!


Balu said...

have a great year ahead.. with more miles to clock by running and cycling !

Vidhya said...

'I'll be with myself in totality'. Now that makes me wonder if its really a break. I mean putting up with the total "U" is something uh! :-) Hope you had good fun.