Saturday, July 04, 2009

The Yellow Knights...

The Yellow Knights

We were a crazy-running bunch,
hanging out for a quick brunch..
until Sensei taught us to reverse-punch.

We learnt to block hard,
None can attack us off-guard..

Our own knife-hand-strike
- as mighty as a shark-bite!!

Mae-Giri, the front kick..
is not a simple trick..
You gotta be double-quick
and yet be as smooth as Indian-Silk

Kata - is it a dance or a fight?
With all its grace is an elegant sight
We did it right with a GI - white
and became Yellow-knight..

Arigato Sensei..

And Yeah.... Kiiiiah!!!

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Balu said...

kalakite macha.. dhool !

Vidhya said...

that is a good fellow fight.