Wednesday, April 12, 2006

How am I going to live today and still create the tomorrow I'm committed to?

When i was in Primary school, i thought guys in High School have less home work to do.

When i was in High school, i thought Guys in college enjoy a lot. So i slogged my way to a pretty good Univ.

When i was in the Univ, i thought once i get a job, my life would be settled and i can enjoy a lot. So, did i slog to get a job in a good company with a handsome pay.

Now i am in a job, slogging my days (nights included), losing sleep over petty issues like DDR, Inductors etc.

Now, i realise that all along i was fire-fighting for a better and enjoyable tomorrow, not enjoying the present moment.

When will i be enjoying the present? Do what i Love than forced to love what i am doing?
Only Time can answer.


Bhavesh said...

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