Saturday, September 24, 2011


What if!!!

Hey Guys,

Hope you are doing great!

This is a customary post to mark my birthday, last friday. This is when I try to look at the year gone by and my plans for the future. And, thank you all for the wonderful wishes. Had a great day.

Can't believe I'm 28 already. I was thinking about all the other paths, my life could have taken. The possibilities seem unbounded. We only to live a tiny slice of the range of possibilities.

I think, it finally comes down to the choices that we make and in a way, people we meet.

Read a quote somewhere - "Who you'll be in 5 years depends on people you meet and books you read!!", I guess, I'm in pretty good hands!


Saturday, September 03, 2011

Or the lack of it!!!

This is a short stub of an epiphany, that I had in a morning waiting for the School shuttle.

How amazing is Memory! Of course, I'm talking about our memory. In the brain(may be).

The concept of content addressability is so awesome.  - I can sing a really old song, from somewhere in the middle, with incorrect lyrics. and very likely you'd recognize. This is so darn expensive (computationally). Ask Google - how it would love to have CAM.

We often forget an even more bizarre phenomenon - Forgetting itself.
How painful would it be, if we remembered, every single fight that we ever had? Some how we've evolved to forget the unpleasant things, in the same time remember the important ones.

Just knowing that, it wouldn't matter as much tomorrow, helps.