Monday, September 13, 2010

Escape from the everyday

Not everyday, you go 'Ooooh-my-God'; Not very often you see something sooo beautiful.. so awesome.. that makes you feel so blissful and complete.

Its been a while, since I wrote here; Been busy with multiple things. But this is something, I'd like to look back and cherish.

It was during the past weekend, when I least expected it. It started out as a simple-trip to a colleague's wedding in a nearby town, Vellore. The journey was pleasant; We discussed random things from running, traffic, evolution, work, love, Indian marriages and even God.

Time permitting, we decided to visit the new Golden temple in Sripuram. We had to wait a while, and walk a mile.. And then the good trip turned greater-awesome.

Yeah. I'm not the temple guy. But this aint that. This is big dive, deep into awesomeness !! Some times you just need to see these to realize how beautiful life really is.

The fabulously lit Golden vimanas againt the evening grey and their reflections in the pond... Awwww....

I'm doing injustice to the place, by trying to explain it in words. Go there and feel it.

"Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it's the moments that take your breath away" - This is one such moment!

Until next time,

Happy living,



Vidhya said...

I think I missed the awesomeness when I visited the temple. 'Taking breath away' moments - Awwww point in the blog.

Balu said...

pics illiya

Vinodh said...

No cams, mobiles allowed... Awesome place u shd visit it.