Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The future...

Wow!!! Can't remember the last time I had such an enthralling 3-hr discussion.. I met a few folks online and subscribed to the AI-meetup group. We had our first meet up today.. No big agenda.. No goal.. Just discussing your passion with like minded folks. It was like reliving the college days, spending countless hours in the sports-gallery discussing Life/God or Robots.

It was a small group of 6 but very diverse folks.. Dr.David Wood was here and shared his thoughts with us.. We talked about AI history, current research, Good/bad of AI, Morality/Philosophy, Sci-Fi movies, Cyber-slavery, Super Intelligent Machines and the Future of Machines... just awesome!!!

I came out of the meeting - fresher 'n with higher energy than I went in (having spent energy arguing). Now tell me how can the machines do that?


Vidhya said...

The end was a wonderful 'Director's touch' types.

Vinodh said...

I'd comeup with something like 'En Iniya Thamiz makkale' or
'And thats how the cookie crumbles'