Monday, June 15, 2009

Four Fantastic Years...

This day marks the end of 4 years in Bangalore. It doesn't seem that long ago,when I almost cried, as my folks left me in a appt. I was going to live out of home for the first time.

The transformation from a Selfish-confused-Ignorant-Fearful-naive-spoilt Grad to 'what-I-am-now' has been phenomenal. These 4 years easily are the best years of my life..[Ofcourse, I had great schooling and college life.. But this is something extraordinary]

As I look back....

Friends: I have never had trouble finding good friends. But here, I got to interact with great people. Living with him was an education in itself. I've found some wonderful folks online too (Steve, Chris, PaulGraham, SethGodin..).. I get to interact with some stirring, folks in ASHA. Inspiration was always - just around the corner...

Spiritual: Exponential growth here.. In search of the answers, I tried different philosophies. [ISKCON, Sri Ramana, Ramakrishna Mission, Vedanta, Bhuddhism..]. I've travelled to ashrams 'n temples.. met some great people with interesting tales... I have had my own share of "Extraordinary-experiences".. Right now, I need more than just books 'n words. I'm an agnostic, [open to be proved wrong.]

Art: Didn't know I had so much in me.. I have tried my hand at Guitar, pencil-sketching and Tin-Whistling. Enjoyed everything thoroughly. Now, I practice Karate.. I'm writing poems..

Health: I'm fitter than I ever was.. I plan to run two marathons this season.

I've had my own "Thunderbolt" moment.

I have read some amazing books. "Veronica decides to die" is my favorite... My reading queue just keeps growing.. (over 25 books now suggested by various folks).

Of course, the ride hasn't been smooth. I have seen ups and downs.. I have touched down the lowest of lows.. I have recovered from greatest of set-backs. I take credit for hanging in there.. I have taken some tuf decisions. I have grown to let go of things [habits/things/people] which have pulled me back in the past.

But.. the Single most important - the defining thing that stands out in this 4 yr period is my perspective of the world. Around late 2006, was when I discovered "the Void within".. I had good blokes, great frnz, earned a good sum, had everything I wanted. But, still something was missing. I wasn't complete. I started reading philosophies searching for the meaning of life and stuff. I cannot say I totally failed in the mission. It took me somewhere.. But still, lot of things were left unanswered. The craving only got worse..

Then, I was introduced to Asha and started working with kids.. It didn't directly answer my questions. But got introduced to a bigger set to challenges and lets see what I do..

Oh...Yeah.. Life is good... and the best is yet to come!


Nishant said...

too good..

Milind Nagda said...

Good going pal...keep at it, the best is still in store :)